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Ethics Matters 2023 Q1

CPT Welcomes Four New Board Members

The CPT is excited to welcome four new board members! Learn a little more about them here


Is What You See Really What You Get?

In this edition of Lead With Integrity, CPT President Alfonzo Alexander speaks on “Is What You See Really What You Get?” and challenges leaders to be more aware of how what is seen through one’s lenses can affect one’s perceptions of others. Learn more here


Good News: Norwegian Cruise Line Celebrates 100 Educators

Learn how a cruise line awarded 100 educators across the U.S. and Canada with major donations and prizes in this corner of Good News.  


Ethical Leadership Training Expands to 36% of the Country

Check out the newest states that now offer the CPT’s Ethical Leadership Training Program and learn how your state can get involved! 


Be the Foundation for Change: Sponsor A Leader Today

Learn how you can sponsor a student at this year’s StudentCPT Leadership Conference! 


Ethics versus Morals: A Comparison 

Ever wonder what the true difference is between ethics and morals? Deep dive into what sets the two apart.