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Ethical Leadership Training Expands to 36% of the Country

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Ethics Matters

Q1 2023

The NASBA Center for The Public Trust (CPT) is pleased to announce that California and West Virginia are the most recent states to offer the Ethical Leadership Training Program (ELT) as a part of their remediation process. The ELT program is now in 18 states and continues to have a role in the disciplinary process of many State Boards of Accountancy.   

Ethical decisions in a company represent a standard of behavior, trustworthy methods of operation, and respect for customers that a business utilizes daily. The ELT helps practitioners recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas while also developing an atmosphere that encourages ethical behavior and a positivity.   

The ELT is easy to use for practitioners, and easy for state boards to implement fees for the program that are the responsibility of the participant. Does this sound like a program that would benefit your state’s remediation program? Please contact Deborah Lederman to discuss the role the ELT could have in your state:  [email protected] .