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You can make a change in the ethical thinking and deliberations of the communities addressed by the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT). By making a donation, you will provide the funds to support programs dedicated to promoting ethical leadership and best practices. Also through the Being A Difference Awards, the NASBA CPT recognizes individuals and corporations who follow high standards of social responsibility for performance and leadership. Additionally, the NASBA CPT showcases the positive activities in the business, accounting and regulatory communities, in other words, we will “tell the good news.”

The NASBA CPT encourages ethical deliberations in decision-makers by stirring the moral conscience and imagination and providing a forum for furthering ethical practices in organizations. Historically, negative events in the business community have been considered newsworthy and much attention and energy has been expended in that direction. The NASBA CPT takes an alternative approach – focus and attention will be given to the organizations and individuals who employ best practices and endeavor to elevate the ethical threshold in the business world.

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NASBA Center for the Public Trust
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