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Ethical Leadership Certification Program

Regarded as the first of its kind, the program is designed to creatively teach ethical leadership to students on college campuses across the country.

Benefits of a Certificate in Ethical Leadership from the CPT

  • By including this online certification program in your course, you will allow your students to Stand Apart from the Crowd.
  • This Comprehensive program allows for students to Immediately Apply what they have learned about ethical leadership and the challenges they will be faced with in the Real World.
  • Completing the program Demonstrates a student’s Commitment to Excellence.

There are six training modules, with each module broken into four or five sections lasting 15-20 minutes each:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Narration
  • Imagery
  • Video segments
  • Opinion/polling questions

Student participants are required to complete all six modules, taking a brief exam at the conclusion of each section. Upon successful completion of all modules, participants earn their certification in Ethical Leadership from the CPT.


The program’s content was developed by leading ethics professors from across the country, led by Drs. O.C. and Linda Ferrell and an expert advisory panel.

Why an Online Certification Program?

CPT President Alfonzo Alexander believes the certification program is a great educational opportunity for students, because it teaches students to recognize ethical pitfalls in business early in their careers.

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Funding for the development of the project was provided through the Daniels Fund.

For more information on how to enroll your class in the Ethical Leadership Certification Program, contact:
Lara Loewl