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Ethical Leadership Training Program

Why Participate in Ethical Leadership Training?

Ethical decision-making is one of the most important components of sustainable business success. This training program is designed to help you and your peers recognize ethical issues, resolve ethical dilemmas and create an atmosphere that promotes positive ethical behavior and sustained success throughout your career.

If you are taking this program as a part of a settlement with your State Board of Accountancy, please click below to register.

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Who Should Be Investing in Ethical Leadership?

  • Employees at every level
  • Employees in every industry
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their ethical decision-making skills
  • Individuals seeking to positively influence others
  • Individuals seeking to boost their resumes


Training Module Descriptions

*Some organizations have developed customized versions of this training program. The information below reflects the content structure of our standard (non-customized) training options.

Strengthen your team’s understanding of ethical leadership. Get your employees certified by the CPT with our Certification Package which includes all three individual trainings:

  • Training Module 1 – Culture Matters: The Value of an Ethical Culture
  • Training Module 2 – Leadership Matters: The Need for Ethical Leaders Everywhere
  • Training Module 3 – Strategy Matters: The Key Components of Ethical Business

Click the logo of each training module to learn more:

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If you are taking this program as an individual, Click Here.

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