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Mission & Goals

CPT Vision:
Advancing ethical leadership to influence the world.

CPT Mission:
Our mission is to develop, empower and promote ethical leaders.

CPT Goals:

  • Provide forums for ethics education.
  • Affirm & encourage what is ethical.
  • Showcase best practices.
  • Promote a positive perspective.

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) addresses the issue of ethics and ethical behavior in business, education, public policy and society, while promoting a positive perspective on activities within the business and accounting communities.

CPT Objectives:

The CPT will focus on the following areas in its work to develop, empower and promote ethical leaders.

  1. Develop Future Leaders (Students)
  2. Empower Existing Leaders (Professionals)
  3. Engage on Key Social Issues Impacted by Ethical Behavior
    • Treatment or People
    • Equity
    • Fairness
  4. Develop Revenue
    • Revenue from services
    • Fundraising (NASBA, individual donors, corporate/foundation donors)

Key Strategies

The CPT will utilize the following key strategies to drive its work toward advancing ethical leadership to influence the world.

  1. Collaborate and leverage relationships with universities, associations and other organizations to increase the exposure of the CPT and grow its program offerings.
  2. Develop and maintain effective communications and branding programs to broaden exposure for the CPT and acknowledge ethical leadership.
  3. Maintain operational efficiency to continue the work of the CPT and be positioned to advantage of growth opportunities.