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Student NEWS (March/April)

Ethics Matters March – April 2018 Lipscomb Hosts Panel Focused on #MeToo Movement The Lipscomb University StudentCPT Chapter hosted a panel discussion focused on the #MeToo movement. They analyzed both the legal and ethical ramifications of sexual harassment in the workplace with legal and ethics experts from the university. Through this discussion, students learned how […]

LEAD WITH INTEGRITY: What Are You Eating? (March/April)

Ethics Matters March – April 2018 As a child growing up, I often saw signs, public service announcements, and billboards with the slogan, “You are what you eat.” A few years ago, I saw similar media productions promoting milk. The general theme of these ads emphasized the impact food we eat has on our body. […]

Good News- Microsoft Targets Autistic Adults for Coding and Software Positions (March/April)

Ethics Matters March – April 2018 For many, the job interview process is stressful, time consuming and emotionally taxing. If you are one of the millions of adults with autism, the job search can be even more difficult, as some employers are hesitant to employ, or even interview, individuals with this disability. That is until […]

CPT Chair Says Accountability and Positive Relationships are Keys to Success (March/April)

Ethics Matters March – April 2018 For 17 years, David A. Costello, CPA, served as president and chief executive officer of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). Currently, Costello is a distinguished member of his community in Nashville, TN, serving as chairman of the board of directors of NASBA’s Center for the […]

Student News (Jan/Feb) 2018

Ethics Matters January – February 2018 Dr. Latham Leads Students to Strength Success at Belmont During the fall 2017 semester, Dr. William Latham, Chief Student Development and Success Officer at the University of the District of Columbia, led a group session at a Belmont StudentCPT chapter meeting. Students were invited to explore their strengths through […]

LEAD WITH INTEGRITY: Put on Your Mask First (Jan/Feb) 2018

Ethics Matters January – February 2018 Over the last few weeks, several occurrences have reminded me of an instruction I hear frequently, “Put on your mask first, before helping others.” Sound familiar? It’s one of the key statements a flight attendant makes before the pilot takes off. Putting your mask on first is simple and […]

Students Take Action After Completing Ethical Leadership Certification (Jan/Feb) 2018

Ethics Matters January – February 2018 The ability to recognize ethical issues and dilemmas is essential to developing an action plan to resolve these types of situations. The CPT’s Ethical Leadership Certification Program is designed to instill these types of skills in students so they can apply them in their careers. Below is an excerpt […]

Good News: Women in Entertainment Business Strike Back, Raise Millions for Anti-Harassment Action Plan (Jan/Feb) 2018

Ethics Matters January – February 2018 Over the last few weeks, many women in the entertainment business have come forward with personal stories that depict incidences of sexual assault and/or harassment. These women have been courageous, and their empowerment and strength struck a chord with women everywhere. The Time’s Up movement was established to garner […]

The NASBA CPT Co-Hosts 12th Annual Audit Conference (Jan/Feb) 2018

Ethics Matters January – February 2018 The year 2017 marked the 12th consecutive year the Ensuring Integrity Audit Conference took place at Baruch College in New York, NY. This annual event is co-hosted by the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) and the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity. The day-long conference provides a […]

ECU StudentCPT Teaches Financial Literacy (Nov/Dec) 2017

Ethics Matters November – December 2017 Students from East Central University delivered financial literacy education to 30 fifth and sixth graders from the school’s Junior Business Club. Students enjoyed interactive activities featured in the F.U.N. Money Program and learned about information related to Credit & Debit, Saving & Investing, Income & Careers, and Planning & […]