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Good News: Norwegian Cruise Line Celebrate 100 Educators  

Ethics Matters Q1 2023 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. recently announced it awarded 100 educators across the U.S. and Canada with a free cruise aboard Norwegian Prima and donated to schools and teachers around the country. In the company’s press release, it was revealed that GRAMMY award-winning artist Kelly Clarkson performed onboard as well.    According […]

Ethics versus Morals: A Comparison 

Ethics Matters Q1 2023 Ethics are the principles that dictate how a person behaves and reacts in different situations and with ethical dilemmas. As you can imagine, promoting and investing in an ethical workplace has many advantages. Both ethics and morals refer to “right” and “wrong” behaviors and conduct. While they are sometimes used interchangeably, […]

Ethical Leadership Training Expands to 36% of the Country

Ethics Matters Q1 2023 The Center for The Public Trust is pleased to announce that California and West Virginia are the most recent states to offer the Ethical Leadership Training Program as a part of their remediation process. The ELT program is now in 18 states and continues to have a role in the discipline […]

CPT Welcomes Four New Board Members 

Ethics Matters Q1 2023 We are proud to introduce our four new board members!  – Dr. Jason Brooks  – William Latham, PhD  – Delbert Madison  – Kymberly Messersmith    Meet Dr. Jason Brooks…  For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Jason Brooks has helped CEOs, senior executives and leaders from startups to multi-billion-dollar organizations achieve their […]

2023 Sponsor A Leader  

Ethics Matters Q1 2023 Have you ever wondered how business leaders of today developed their leadership skills? How did those people become the leaders that are taking us forward into the 21st century? What separates leaders from the throngs of employees in an organization? One thing these leaders may have is the training to make […]

2022 Beta Alpha Psi Annual Meeting: Creating What is Possible

Ethics Matters November/December 2022 The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) is a proud professional partner of Beta Alpha Psi and was honored to attend the 2022 Annual Meeting, the organization’s first in-person meeting in two years. The meeting took place in Orlando, FL, July 28-30, and featured prominent student leaders, community service outings, […]


Ethics Matters November/December 2022 Star Chapter Status Expectations A Star Chapter meets the following criteria: Elects officers annually Has a minimum of five (5) student members Conducts at least four (4) membership meetings and/or activities annually Has chapter members participate in at least one (1) community service activity annually Submits Chapter Information Form, Executive Council […]

Kent Nobel: Newest CPT Board Member

Ethics Matters November/December 2022 The CPT is thrilled to have Kent Noble as the newest member of the CPT Board of Directors. As the Bill Daniels Chair of Ethics at the University of Wyoming (UW), Nobel brings principal-based leadership to all his endeavors. He was awarded the the StudentCPT Campus Being a Difference Award and […]

30% of the United States is using the Ethical Leadership Training Program

Ethics Matters November/December 2022 The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) is excited to welcome Louisiana to its Ethical Leadership Training Program. With this addition, the CPT training program is successfully being used as a remediation tool by 15 State Boards of Accountancy as part of each of their settlement agreements with practitioners who […]

Lead With Integrity: A Powerful Three: Wisdom, Study and Prioritization

Ethics Matters November/December 2022 Many times, we marvel at how certain leaders always seem to get things done. We are often impressed with the successes some leaders attain. At times, we are even surprised by how other leaders may pull a theoretical rabbit out of the hat to accomplish a great feat. As I continue […]