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How Do We Learn from Our Mistakes?

What we may have learned from this year, is that even with the best of intentions, things do not always go the way we wish they might. Regardless, we pick ourselves up, continue moving forward with the information at hand and try to do our best. As such, if you find that you made a […]

Student NEWS

Ethics Matters October 2020 Lipscomb University is starting off the holiday season by spreading joy! Members encouraged students to stop by their craft table and decorate cards and notes of encouragement. The chapter collected more than 100 cards that will be distributed to seniors at a local nursing home. Oklahoma State University StudentCPT teamed up […]

How to Answer the Age-Old Question: Tell Me About Yourself

No matter how many interviews you sit for, or for whom you are interviewing, you will inevitably be asked the same introductory question: tell me about yourself. You may have an elevator speech already prepared. Perhaps you include certain facts about your educational background, personal life and interests. But are you sure you are answering […]

Essential Traits of a Sustainable Leader

You may have been hearing a lot about sustainable leadership, but might not be familiar with the term. Sustainability leadership is a process of influence that delivers direction, alignment and commitment, and aims to address social, environmental and economic issues to create a better world. Of course, this year has introduced several new challenges, including […]

Ways to Make Minority Students Feel Heard

Whether students are taking classes online or in-person, as a teacher, mentor or tutor, you strive to inspire, teach and excite them on their journey. Although you may be using new techniques, formats and measures these days to reach your learners, your students deserve to feel heard, safe and empowered. As you think about ways […]


Ethics Matters October 2020 Tennessee Tech University’s StudentCPT chapter spring semester was cut short because of COVID-19. As a result, they did not get a chance to celebrate their Campus Being a Difference Award winners. The chapter kicked-off the new year by presenting last year’s Being a Difference Award winners with framed certificates. University of […]

New Partnership Enhances ELCP

Ethics Matters October 2020 The NASBA Center for the Public Trust is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Red Flag Mania. Red Flag Mania is a game-based investigative experience that allows students to solve true crime stories in a fun and interactive way. This learning tool will enhance the already existing Ethical Leadership Certification […]

Support the CPT by Joining the 2020 Virtual 5K

Ethics Matters October 2020 A year ago, the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) held its first ever virtual 5K. Little did CPT staff know that trendsetting virtual events would become the norm for 2020. From virtual meetings to virtual trainings, the CPT’s approach and processes have been adapted, so professionals and students continue […]


Ethics Matters October 2020 These days, it may not be ideal for me to talk about all of us being in this together. For many, the natural human need for togetherness is not being met, due to COVID-19. American citizens are formulating opinions about racial issues in our country that challenge us being together in […]

GOOD NEWS: Higher Ed Professionals and Students Help Frontline Workers During COVID-19

Ethics Matters October 2020 After the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep the world and change lives forever, we began to remind ourselves that, “We are all in this together.” This sentiment was true back in March 2020 and it still rings true nearly six months later. It is easy to forget that our neighbors, colleagues […]