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How to Work with Your Spouse

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help but have love on our minds. The love of a caring partner and coming home to someone you care about, after a long day. But what if you didn’t have to wait until the end of the day to see your partner? What if you worked with them […]

Outlining Your 2020 Vision

As the new year takes off, this is a great time to outline your vision (i.e., thoughts and goals) for 2020. Now is the time to get focused on your professional and personal goals and to begin formulating a plan as to how you are going to reach your goals to make this one of […]

Smokers Need Not Apply

A recent news story was published by ABC 15 News Arizona discussing the fact that the well-known company, U-Haul, would no longer interview or hire nicotine users. A company spokesperson said the change would be effective February 1 of this year. The company is based in Arizona and, according to the article, it is legal […]

Giving Back During the Holidays

As we run around town looking for the perfect gifts to give loved ones and friends, let us be reminded that some are not as fortunate as we are during this time of year. Individuals may be away from family, down on their luck or simply in need of some cheer. Oftentimes, leaders possess a […]

Maintaining Your Well-Being Around Digital Usage

As universities and colleges prepare for winter break, many students look forward to stepping away for a few weeks to indulge in other activities, such as seasonal work, returning home to loved ones, or a well-deserved vacation. No matter where students find themselves during winter break, it is likely they are also perusing online websites […]

StudentCPT Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Kraebel

Lover of farmers markets and coffee, StudentCPT alumna, Hannah Kraebel, finds herself immersed in the New York City (NYC) culture. Hannah, who graduated from Lipscomb University in 2018 with a degree in entrepreneurship, was known by her peers and instructors as a natural born leader. She served in many leadership positions, including StudentCPT vice president […]

The Science of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and now is a perfect time to reflect on the meaning of this holiday – giving thanks. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? Place thankfulness at the top of your list, front of mind. The upcoming national holiday is a chance for all of us to take a moment, with family, friends […]

Scary Workplace Habits Professionals Should Avoid

As the days of fall carry on, we can’t help but see the signs everywhere – the leaves change color, pumpkin décor is displayed in almost every window, cups of cider in hand and more. Perhaps what is the most fun about fall is the celebration of Halloween. Everyone, from children to adults, can dress […]

StudentCPT Alumni Spotlight: Tony Bartolomucci

Meet Tony Bartolomucci, StudentCPT alumnus and FSO assurance staff member at Ernst & Young (EY). In May of 2019, Tony graduated from Ohio University where he served as StudentCPT chapter president. He attended the 2018 StudentCPT Leadership Conference (SLC) in Orlando, FL, led his chapter to Golden Star status, and helped create a winning video […]

Conferences Begin Offering Childcare and Other Services for Parents

Many parents today are forced to forgo the opportunity to attend a desired conference, miles from home, due to a lack of childcare. For far too long, business professionals with children have had to ask themselves, “Is this trip feasible with a baby or small child?” If the answer is no, they miss out on […]