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Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

How we approach our day-to-day interactions in the workplace matter. Whether you are a manager speaking to your employees or an associate addressing an issue with a colleague, what we say and how we say it is important. Unfortunately, those conversations are not always based around positive issues. An employee’s poor performance, neglect or firing […]

Email Etiquette: Tips and Tricks

There are days when it may seem too difficult to count how many emails you send and receive. Between putting out the proverbial fires to following-up with leads, your responses and approach are crucial in maintaining a positive, professional relationship. Email etiquette is a key tool in business communications, and this skill must be learned, […]

Facebook Invests Millions in Solar Energy

Facebook, perhaps the world’s most widely used social media platform, is expanding its global reach in the area of solar power. Recently, this social media platform announced that it is investing heavily in a massive (think 4,600 acres) solar farm in Texas called Prospero Solar. The reason? Facebook says it is moving toward running entirely […]

Top Tips to Master Public Speaking

Currently, the political landscape is buzzing as presidential hopefuls’ campaign across the country for the 2020 election. Some began as underdogs but currently find themselves climbing in the polls, while others began strong but are losing momentum. The entire process is fascinating. What do these candidates have to say? How are they saying it? How […]

Ethics Education is as Valuable as Ever

Ethics in the workplace is a universal concern. There is not one industry that does not, or has not, benefited from the practice of ethical behavior. Recently, ethics in the workplace gained additional exposure as the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) announced two changes to its Certified Association Executive (CAE) Program. The updates include […]

USC President Creates #WhatsMyName Campaign to Keep Students Safe

In recent news, a University of South Carolina (USC) student, Samantha Josephson, entered a vehicle during the early hours one morning, believing the ride to be her Uber. Unfortunately, the vehicle was not her expected ride home, and instead, the driver committed a senseless act that resulted in Josephson’s death. In response, USC’s President, Harris […]

A Perspective on the Clash of Ethics & Academic Entry

The recent college-entry scandal implicating dozens of affluent parents, top league school recruiters and coaches, and educational testing proctors once again shines a light on the unfortunate direction ethics has taken in this country. The apparent ease in which multimillions of dollars were illegally paid by and to individuals who, in many instances, are considered […]

Board Spotlight – Coalter Baker, CPA

Coalter Baker was born and raised in Austin, TX, and graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Texas. Since then, Baker has had a very full career and says he has no regrets about the career path he has taken. “It is so much more than numbers. This is a learned profession […]

Janessa Harkley – Alumni Spotlight

Janessa Harkley, a campus recruiter for Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG), is an alumna of the StudentCPT program and this month’s Alumni Spotlight. Currently at DHG, Harkley attracts top talent on various campuses and leads campus recruiting efforts for offices in Florida, specifically Jacksonville and Tampa, in hiring entry-level audit associates, tax associates and interns. […]

How to Ensure Your Employees Feel Heard

We have all heard about the suggestion boxes, located at offices across the country. They are typically positioned in a corner and encourage employees to leave a note with their feedback on any given topic related to their workplace. Recently, I have read a few articles that claim the suggestion box is outdated and inefficient. […]