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2023 Sponsor A Leader  

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Ethics Matters

Q1 2023

Have you ever wondered how business leaders of today developed their leadership skills? How did those people become the leaders that are taking us forward into the 21st century? What separates leaders from the throngs of employees in an organization? One thing these leaders may have is the training to make difficult ethical decisions in times of uncertainty and conflict in an organization. It is these very skills that emerging leaders develop at the StudentCPT Leadership Conference (SLC), offered by The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT).  

Each year, the CPT invites the brightest and boldest student leaders to come together for a rigorous 2-day conference to study conflict management, evolve ethical decision-making skills, and learn leadership best practices from real-life business leaders.   

This year’s SLC takes place in Kansas City, MO, the crossroads of America. Students from more than 50 chapters will be invited to take part in this transformative conference. CPT supporters can help students participate in this high-caliber event by donating to CPT’s Sponsor A Leader campaign.   

Your donation of $1,000 will provide airfare, meals, lodging, and all course materials.   

Your donation of $500 will afford a student’s round-trip travel to the conference.   

Your donation of $150 will cover networking events and meals for a student.  

Your donation of $25 will grant a student access to all course materials.   

Any donation, no matter the size, will be utilized today to bring ethics training to the leaders of the future. To donate, click here