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Ethics Matters: Q3 2023

2023 StudentCPT Leadership Conference

This year’s StudentCPT Leadership Conference was held in Kansas City, MO, and the theme was “Uncommon Leadership for Uncommon Times,” reiterating the importance of ethical leadership throughout changes in society. Read more here!

Better Speaking Creates Better Leading at Any Level

Alfonzo explores how important speaking is and how it plays a role in effective leadership in this edition’s Leadership Column. Learn more here


CPT On the Go – 2023 BAP and AAA Annual Meetings

CPT attends Beta Alpha Psi Annual in Las Vegas, NV, and American Accounting Association Annual in Denver, CO.


Good News: Airbnb Helps Hosts Become Greener

This edition’s Good News column highlights Airbnb helping hosts become greener. Find out how, here!


Alfonzo Alexander Named Chair of PhD Project and Nashville Public Education Foundation

Congratulations to NASBA’s own Alfonzo Alexander for being appointed to chair not one but two boards of directors. Read on to learn more about the organizations he will lead.


Cuffed for a Cause: Introducing our 2023 Annual Meeting theme!

Introducing our 2023 Annual Meeting theme! Read more here.


About the Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP)

The Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP) was launched by the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) in 2014. Read more about the program here.


Meet Sharrona Reaves!

Sharrona Reaves is the director of programs and development for NASBA CPT. Get to know her here!