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About the Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP)

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Ethics Matters

Q3 2023

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) launched the Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP) in the spring of 2014 and has since acquired over 10,000 certified students in ethical leadership. This interactive online tool allows learners to identify ethical issues, navigate how to respond to ethical dilemmas and enhance their ethical decision-making abilities. The program’s curriculum is comprised of seven one-hour modules, including an interactive case study and a final comprehensive exam. Payment options include invoicing a participating school in full, invoicing a participating school in half, or setting up student self-pay.  

ELCP Outline  

Module 1: Overview of Ethical Leadership 

  1. A. What is Organizational Ethics?
  2. B. What is Ethical Leadership?

Module 2: Ethical Decision Making 

  1. Identifying Ethical Issues.
  2. The Role of Principles and Values in Addressing Ethical Issues.

Module 3: Organizational Support of Ethical Leadership 

  1. What is An Ethical Organizational Culture?
  2. How Does Organizational Culture Relate to Ethical Leadership?

Module 4: The Role of Leadership in Managing and Preventing Conflicts and Ethical Risks 

  1. A. Planning to Maintain Organizational Ethics.
  2. B. Managing Ethical Conflicts.

Module 5: Role of Communication in Ethical Leadership 

  1. A. Achieving Ethical Leadership Through Communication.
  2. B. Ethical Leadership Communication Skills.

Module 6: The Ethics Dash 

In the spring of 2021, the CPT partnered with Red Flag Mania to provide an interactive case study experience for students titled, “Ethics Dash.” During the “Ethics Dash,” learners will watch a short film, review over 20 pieces of evidence, “red flag” suspicious activity, complete the fraud triangle framework for each culprit and determine who committed the fraud.  

Module 7: Final Comprehensive Exam  

NASBA CPT Student Programs Manager Jasmine Jenkins is the point of contact for navigating your dashboard, pulling learner reports and answering learner and instructor comments, questions and concerns. She can be reached via email at [email protected]. 


“I have required my students to complete the NASBA Center for the Public Trust’s Ethical Leadership Certification Program as part of our graduate accounting degree capstone course, “Accounting Ethics and Professionalism.” I have found it to be a valuable supplement to our class discussions and required preparation materials, and recommend its incorporation into other, similar courses.” 

  • Herbert M. Chain, MBA, CPA Assistant Professor St. John’s University Retired Deloitte Partner 

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