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Good News: Airbnb Helps Hosts Become Greener

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Ethics Matters

Q3 2023

In recently published news, Airbnb announced on its website that it will offer eligible Hosts in Massachusetts up to $2,500 in grants for energy-efficient improvements that can reduce their heating and air-conditioning costs. The company is partnering with Abode Energy Management to support Hosts in Massachusetts on their sustainable home improvement journey. 

According to its press release, as part of its ongoing work to help Hosts act toward sustainability, Airbnb is launching a home energy efficiency program in Massachusetts to help Hosts in the state make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes that will reduce both their carbon footprint and energy bills. To make the home improvements affordable, Abode will help Hosts access rebates of up to $10,000 to convert to air-source heat pumps and additional rebates for weatherization upgrades, depending on eligibility. In addition to the rebates, Airbnb will provide additional grants of up to $2,500. According to its projections, between Airbnb grants and rebates, Hosts in Massachusetts have the potential to lower weatherization project costs by up to 100 percent and reduce heat pump costs by up to $12,000. 

According to the site, in 2022, Airbnb launched similar programs in the United Kingdom and France. Massachusetts marks its first home energy efficiency program in the U.S. and is the latest example of their ongoing work to help Hosts make more sustainable choices. The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) is always pleased to hear about these kinds of initiatives around the country. If you know of more examples, please email [email protected]