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2023 StudentCPT Leadership Conference

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Ethics Matters

Q3 2023

The 2023 StudentCPT Leadership Conference (SLC) was held this June in Kansas, MO, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. This year’s conference theme was “Uncommon Leadership for Uncommon Times,” reiterating the importance of ethical leadership throughout changes in society. 

The SLC was held in conjunction with the NASBA Western Regional Meeting with a total of 26 schools represented and 43 students in attendance. Students ranged in age, areas of study and academic classifications. It is important for students to participate in events like the SLC to foster open discussions on where ethical dilemmas are found, discover how to overcome them in life and the workforce, and, most importantly, learn how to navigate the new normal they face on campus and in the world today. 

The CPT was honored to host guest speaker and new NASBA CPT Board Member Jason Brooks, Founder and CEO of Thrive, who broke down the ‘Heart of Leadership’ and what that looks like in all aspects of life. Sedrik Newbern, a CPT consultant and professor at Western Kentucky University, who presented on ‘Small Talk’ and how to maximize networking. This presentation helped prepare students to network with NASBA members attending the Western Regional Meeting. CPT President Alfonzo Alexander focused on strengths-based leadership in his address to students and what that looks like in today’s professional settings as an ethical leader. The development sessions concluded with CPT Student Programs Manager Jasmine Jenkins leading students in a team-building exercise and detailing what a Golden Star StudentCPT chapter needs to succeed. 

NASBA CPT Board members Donny Burkett, David Costello and Jason Brooks served as judges for the students’ competitions and gave words of encouragement throughout the week. NASBA President and CEO Ken Bishop closed the conference by sharing insight on his favorite reads and ethical dilemmas he faced early in his career. 

The 2023 StudentCPT Leadership Conference was well-received by students as the CPT is collecting positive feedback on their experience the impact of being an uncommon leader in uncommon times will last throughout all areas of their lives, professionally and personally, for years to come.