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Missouri State Board of Accountancy Ethics Training Program

Because Ethics DO Matter.

The Missouri State Board of Accountancy has partnered with the NASBA Center for the Public Trust to provide this Ethical Leadership Training Program. The program is designed to assist you as you work with the public as a member of the Missouri CPA community, by helping you recognize ethical issues, resolve ethical dilemmas and create an atmosphere that promotes positive ethical behavior and sustained success throughout your career.

The program demonstrates the value of ethical leadership at both the personal and organizational levels. This training illustrates the impact of an ethical culture on stakeholders at all levels and helps participants recognize opportunities to improve the ethical environment in which they operate. This training program will equip you with tools and resources to help you make positive ethical decisions in the future.

The Missouri State Board of Accountancy is committed to protecting the interest of all Missourians, and the Board believes this program will help individuals practice as CPA’s in the state of Missouri. To register for the program, CLICK HERE.

Training Module Descriptions

  • Training Module 1 – Culture Matters: The Value of an Ethical Culture
  • Training Module 2 – Leadership Matters: The Need for Ethical Leaders Everywhere
  • Training Module 3 – Strategy Matters: The Key Components of Ethical Business

Click the logo of each training module to learn more:

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