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Honoring David A. Costello

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When NASBA President and CEO, David A. Costello, announced his retirement, a significant donation was received in his honor to establish a fund to benefit the Center for the Public Trust.  To date, more than $200,000 has been raised.

Why such an immediate honoring of David’s retirement?  To know David Costello is to love him.  David’s leadership, vibrant enthusiasm and keen business acumen have been the major factors in the growth of NASBA.

During David’s tenure, NASBA’s annual revenues grew from $8.6 to $33.7 million, while net assets increased from $2 to $17.3 million.  The number of employees increased from 40 to 250.  Moreover, David’s warmth and kindness transformed NASBA into a family where staff and volunteers alike flourished.

David’s innovative thinking and inspired vision led him to create many new, state-of-the-art programs which have succeeded in enhancing the effectiveness of boards of accountancy:     

David’s accomplishments, which are well-known, range from having NASBA being named as one of the best places to work in Tennessee for five consecutive years, to increasing the breadth and depth of committee work.  However, one of his most notable accomplishments was his leadership in providing a strong voice for boards of accountancy as the Uniform CPA Examination transitioned into a computer-based test.