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About the Funds

About the Funds | Honoring David A. Costello | Donate Today

The Special Fund that has been established, and the income from the Endowment Fund, will be used to benefit two programs that are especially dear to David.  The programs are: the Student Center for the Public Trust, which establishes chapters on college campuses to engage students in ethical behavior early in their careers and creates a lifelong pathway to ethical leadership; and the newly established Ethics Network, a program which promotes membership in a community of like-minded individuals for whom ethics, integrity, accountability and trust are guiding principles. Your donation will not only pay tribute to David, but help support two important projects.

Our hope is that individuals like you, would make a substantial contribution, either as a one-time gift or as a pledge over five years.   

The Special Fund will be a Board Restricted Fund and will be overseen by the Board of Directors of the NASBA Center for the Public Trust.  David will continue to work with the CPT Board and staff to ensure its continued growth.  A Board Restricted Fund is one in which the Board designates the purpose for which the funds are used. These restrictions remain in place until all of the funds are used for the restricted purpose, or until a future Board determines that the restrictions are no longer relevant to the goals of the CPT.

The Endowment Fund is a donor restricted fund in which only the income or part of the income from the investments is to be used and it is used only for the purpose designated by the donor.  The principal of the Endowment Fund will remain permanently invested by the CPT Board of Directors. The investment policy for these funds is to be determined by the CPT Board of Directors.

Why are we offering both funds? The CPT is a fairly new organization and the specific projects that will be supported by the Special Fund will need funding to achieve their full potential.  Donors who wish to see more immediate results from their gifts will want to contribute to the Special Fund. Donors making a larger donation may choose the Endowment Fund to provide long term sustainability of the CPT by permanently restricting the use of the principal of the gift.