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Being a Difference Award

The NASBA Student Center for the Public Trust (StudentCPT) provides an interactive environment where ethical business behaviors and ideas can flourish on college campuses.

Each school year, the StudentCPT will honor one faculty member on each chapter’s campus who positively impact the school by displaying strong, ethical leadership.

Campus Being a Difference Award recipients do not simply aspire to make a difference – they are Being a Difference on their campus and other endeavors by embodying the very best in ethical behavior, integrity and leadership.

2023 Faculty Winners

Belmont University –  Jill Robinson, Assistant Dean of External Relations and Strategic Partnerships

East Central University – Dani McClellan, Accounting Professor

Lipscomb University – Dr. Steven Sedberry, Business Law Professor

Marshall University – Nancy Lankton, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Oklahoma State University – Josh Taylor, OSU Center for Ethical Leadership

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Hazel Reyes, Health Sciences

University of Guam – Ansito Walter, Ph.D., Public Administrator

University of Northern Colorado – Deborah Lacey, Finance Professor

University of Southern Mississippi – Cynthia Crosby, School of Accountancy

University of Wyoming – Greg Livingston, UW Management and Marketing

Guam StudentCPT Advisor Doreen Crisostomo hands Public Administrator Ansito Walter, Ph.D., his 2023 Being a Difference Award.

Dr. Walter teaches courses in public administration, policy, planning and development, and other public administration-related courses in University of Guam’s Master of Public Administration and Public Administration and Legal Studies program.

He displays leadership on campus and promotes the importance of leadership through his leadership course entitled “Leadership and Collaboration in Organizations and Society.” Through his experience as the former Governor of the State of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia and various regional boards and commissions, he inspires his students to go beyond learning leadership and to strive to become a leader.

Dr. Walter sets an example of ethical behavior as he continuously promotes ethical thinking as the instructor of an ethics course at the University of Guam. In the course, he teaches and facilitates discussion on issues and cases in professional leadership ethics from the United States, Guam, Asia, and the Western Pacific, while providing the framework for ethical behavior. In addition, the course highlights the codes of conduct, clientele, organizational relationships, legal requirements and professional accountability.

Educating the underserved Micronesian community about the benefits of education and hard work as keys to eradicating extreme poverty is something Dr. Walter actively does. He has also participated in various regional and community outreach-related projects toward helping underserved, economically disadvantaged Micronesians to become productive and contributing members of society.

-Sedrik Newbern, Consultant, NASBA Center for the Public Trust