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Great Ways to Recharge

Has this time of uncertainty made you feel stressed? Are you having trouble keeping calm and so called carrying on? We understand that you may have questions about the economic forecast around the COVID-19 pandemic and may be making adjustments to your work schedule and location, daily tasks and budget. Well, there is good news. For one, you are not alone. Many of us feel anxious, tired, stressed and/or confused. The other good news is that there are ways to curb these feelings.

So many of us subject our minds to continuous work, rarely taking any time for rest and rejuvenation. But the best way to rest is to get some sleep. You may have heard this a few times, but it bares repeating. If you are feeling stressed and find that your mind continues to race, ask yourself how much sleep you have gotten and if you need to begin getting more rest?

If rest is not the issue, perhaps now is a good time to try new breathing exercises, such as yoga and meditation. These practices can help to steady the mind and make you feel recharged. In fact, meditation is a simple practice available to all, which can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness.

Did you know that creative thinking can help you refresh, recharge and bolster your ideas in all professional or personal domains? Use this time at home to find new ways to be creative. Try knitting, puzzles, painting, crafting, scrapbooking, woodworking or something else that appeals to your sense of individual interests. Having this time to yourself, to let your mind wonder and think about things outside of work, can be extremely beneficial.

Finally, as we all practice social distancing, now may be a great time to begin a new exercise regiment. Go for a run around your neighborhood, an open park or greenway nearby. Enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine, as you focus on yourself and your well-being.

Have you discovered other ways to feel recharged? Share them with us!

-Dina Barabash, NASBA Content Development & Web Specialist