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Lead with Integrity: Are You Truly Committed to Giving?

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Ethics Matters

Nov/Dec 2019

Throughout my life, I have heard of concepts and philosophies like the law of reciprocity, return on giving and even strategic giving. While the first thought many of us have with these phrases is related to finances, I believe there is a greater opportunity for ethical leaders to give more of themselves. Therefore, I ask the question, are we giving enough?

In some of my latest readings about great leaders, I have seen a common theme emerge with many of them. This theme can be quickly described in the parable of the farmers.…the one where one farmer sows sparingly and reaps a small harvest while the other sows generously and reaps a great harvest. In both my study of ethical leaders and this parable, the concept of committed giving glaringly jumps out at me.

Think about it. If leaders are truly committed to giving effort, time and focus to their goals, they stand the greatest chance to accomplish those goals. In sports references, we often talk about participants giving 100 percent while they are on the field. We also ask athletes to put in the extra time during the off season to improve their skills and techniques. Championship teams always set goals at the beginning of the year and commit to focusing on those goals all year. In almost every case, the leaders of these teams always set the example with committed giving, above and beyond the other members of the team.

Our business lives are no different. If we, as leaders, commit to giving 100 percent effort in our activities, others on our teams will see the quantity we produce, and they will try to emulate our efforts. If we commit to giving extra time to continuous learning, we will grow and have more to offer. Setting goals and remaining focused is the best way to have our teams unify around common objectives. As ethical leaders, if we commit to giving more of ourselves to the people we lead and to our objectives, we will be amazed at the bountiful harvest we will receive through accomplishing things we never thought imaginable.

Do you want to grow as an ethical leader? Begin by asking, are you giving enough?
I encourage you to become committed to giving.