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Ethics Matters

January 2019

Leaders are recognized for various things. Many receive acknowledgement for their work, awards for their success, and rewards for their achievements. A friend of mine is an example of a leader who has received accolades for all of the above, and more. However, in a recent conversation, he shared with me that what he values most is his giving.

My friend, who I will will refer to as Chuck to keep him anonymous, had a successful career prior to his retirement. He built a great reputation as an integrity-based leader, and he was recognized by many as an industry trailblazer in his area of expertise. All of this work, though rewarding for him, was not fulfilling.

Chuck receives his fulfillment from giving. Yes, he provides financial support to causes and organizations that compel him. However, he thrives off giving his time and talents to others. Chuck believes he experienced career success so he could share his knowledge and experience to develop others.

Through Chuck and other ethical leaders, I have noticed that many enjoy and value giving to develop others. I encourage you to incorporate this type of giving into your personal value system.

This year, join me in creating value by dedicating some of your time and talent to develop someone else.

As always, Lead with Integrity!