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Students Take Action After Completing Ethical Leadership Certification (Jan/Feb) 2018

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Ethics Matters

January – February 2018

The ability to recognize ethical issues and dilemmas is essential to developing an action plan to resolve these types of situations. The CPT’s Ethical Leadership Certification Program is designed to instill these types of skills in students so they can apply them in their careers. Below is an excerpt from one of our instructors in California who is using the program in her classes.

I am so pleased with the training. It has really helped our students look at the inappropriate behavior of their employers and jobs. One student recognized and reported sexual harassment at her internship, a second student quit a job at the end of the first week because of the abusive and unprofessional manner her coworkers experienced on the job, and a third student is looking for another job because of the lack of ethics at her company. In all three cases, they cite the training as influencing their insight/decisions. A student referenced in a recent email, “I keep thinking about the Ethical Leadership Training.” -Kris Cerone at the Escondido Adult School

If you are interested in enrolling your students in this program, please visit to learn more.