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Good News: Southwest to Steer Clear of Overbooking Flights (July/Aug 2017)

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Ethics Matters

July-August 2017

Airport travel can be stressful…arrivals, check-ins, security lines…the list can go on and on. However, if you travel with Southwest, overbooked flights will no longer be a concern. “I’ve made the decision, the company has made the decision, that we will cease to overbook going forward,” said Southwest CEO Gary Kelly to CNBC. Prior to the company’s decision, a competing airline was in hot water for having a passenger forcibly removed from one of its flights. Southwest is now making an effort to ensure similar types of situations do not occur on any of its flights. The CPT loves recognizing companies that are keeping the public’s interest and safety top of mind. Have you heard of a good news story lately? Share it with us at [email protected].


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