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Lead With Integrity: Why NOT Me? (May/June) 2017

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Ethics Matters

May – June 2017

As we continue to grow as leaders and professionals, we run into situations that lead us to ask the question, “Why me?” Last week, I asked that question in response to an adverse situation, and heard a response from a soft voice inside me. The response was, “Why NOT me?” Suddenly, I found myself in a quandary, because I did not have a good answer to that question. In fact, the question inspired deeper thinking on my part that led to a great epiphany for me.

The answer to the first question, “Why me?”, is the true epiphany. We often face challenges or adversity at times to allow us to grow as ethical leaders. The challenge I faced forced me to think differently, and enabled me to produce a strategy that will ultimately be very positive for me and others around me. Without the adversity, I would not have invested time to come up with the strategy and solution. As a leader, I owe it to those I lead and influence to overcome the challenges I face with integrity, so I can assist them when they have challenges.

Here is the new perspective for leaders wondering, “Why me?” Change the question to, “What will I learn from this?” Or, “How will I grow from this experience?” By changing our perspective in difficult situations, we shift our attitude from pity to solution mode. Once in solution mode, we begin the journey to successful resolution.

Effective leaders may ask “Why me?” at times, but the best leaders move quickly to
“Why NOT me?” and go into solution mode. As you pursue the journey to Lead with Integrity, I encourage you to change the question and grow as a leader.

As always, Lead with Integrity!

Alfonzo Alexander
President, CPT

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