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John Sandoz | 2014-2015

John and Gabi Sandoz

Photo: John and Gabriela Sandoz

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As President of Adaptive Strategies Consulting, LLC., John Sandoz exhibits leadership, a sense of duty, honor, and an unwavering commitment to our nation’s security by supporting thought leadership in policy and strategy planning for the Department of Defense.

John provides analytical support, develops transformational concepts, and recommends capabilities to confront current and emerging threats.

He is a recognized subject matter expert in strategy formulation and implementation and supports the Navy’s efforts to incorporate adaptability and flexibility into their plans and strategies.

John’s work is vital and necessary in helping Department of Defense (DoD) officials understand today’s unpredictable and complex security environment, as well as improve the readiness of Naval, Joint, and Special Operations Forces.

He is often called upon to support current and future national security leaders in frank and open discussions on pressing foreign policy and national security challenges.

John Sandoz has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to engaging high‐risk, underserved, and vulnerable populations. For example, John led and participated in monthly outreaches to the Fairfax County Jail (1993‐1998) and the William G. Truesdale Detention Center in Alexandria, VA (1998‐2009). Since 2010, he has participated in weekly outreaches at the Alexandria Jail. Along with other volunteers, he leads weekly Christian Discipleship Classes that mentor inmates and encourage them to participate in the regular Religious Education, Life Learning, and Sober Living programs, as well as Anger Management classes and education programs. These programs are designed to equip inmates with job skills that will enable them to become responsible and productive citizens. John has also worked with inmates to continue their education.

Many have pursued and earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate, putting them on a positive path toward full rehabilitation and reintegration into society. John’s efforts have had a positive impact on the inmates, the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office, and the surrounding community. John is currently writing a prisoner‐oriented discipleship guide for use in jails and prisons.

During 2000‐present, as a board member of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (, John traveled to the Middle East and participated in two Faith‐Based Reconciliation (FBR) workshops with Christian and Muslim Brotherhood leaders from Syria and Jordan. In support of FBR activities among Syrian opposition groups, he traveled to Romania and met with Evangelical leaders and senior government officials to advance an ICRD‐Romanian public‐private partnership for sponsoring and conducting FBR workshops in Romania.

John is currently involved in the development of a vision and plan for a School for Faith‐Based Diplomacy, located in Jerusalem to train FBR practitioners from the three Abrahamic faith traditions in resolving identity‐based conflicts.

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