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CPT Supporters Invest More Than $30k in Student Leaders


The recently-launched Cuffed for a Cause fundraising campaign raisedĀ more thanĀ $30,000 for the Center for the Public Trust’s (CPT) work in providing college students with tools to become better ethical decision makers and future business leaders.

The campaign kicked off in October, when CPT convinced nine of its most ethical leaders to be temporarily handcuffed and placed into CPT Jail at the NASBA Annual Meeting on November 3. Each of these good sports were to be locked up until $2,000 could be raised to post their bail. Thankfully (for them), the response to this outreach effort was overwhelmingly positive.

Prior to the event, the “suspects” reached out to their friends, family and business colleagues to generate support for their release. Then, during NASBA’s 107th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., participants had one last chance to receive contributions, during the Cuffed for a Cause Mixer and Showcase.

This event highlighted the positive impact CPT is having on college students by showcasing recent StudentCPT chapter activities and raising crucial funding to help the CPT to continue teaching students how to apply business ethics to their lives.

Even after enough was raised for all nine leaders to be set free, supporters continued investing in the CPT cause, with proceeds going to help drive programs for StudentCPT chapter members.

In 2014, the CPT provided 52 scholarships for young leaders to attend the StudentCPT Leadership Conference. The proceeds from Cuffed for a Cause will help the CPT send even more students to the 2015 StudentCPT Leadership Conference in Baltimore, MD next summer.

The important work of the CPT would not be possible without the generous donations from supporters throughout the United States and abroad. The CPT appreciates everyone who makes ethical leadership a priority, either through financial support, volunteering, or simply leading with integrity and being a difference to those in their communities.