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Don’t commit the crime if you can’t serve the time! Join the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) and learn how the CPT champions the public trust through its premier programming as some of our most ethical leaders are Cuffed for a Cause during the annual CPT Mixer & Showcase!

Cuffed for a Cause – CPT Mixer & Showcase
Monday, November 3, 2014
JW Marriott – Washington, D.C. (Capitol Foyer- Ballroom Level)
4:45 – 6:00 p.m.

As our loyal supporters, you have the power to set our featured suspects free! Read below to find out about their silly crimes and to make a CPT contribution. Each suspect who raises a $2,000 bail will be sprung from jail.

Donation totals are updated daily

Featured Suspects:


Name: Donny Burkett
Jailed For: Playing golf while his identical twin attended NASBA meetings for him.
Bail Raised: $2,390
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Name: Walter Davenport
Jailed For: Hiding all the eggs, bacon and sausage during NASBA breakfast meetings.
Bail Raised: $2,950
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Name: Ken Bishop
Jailed For: Concealing fundraising ideas and other CPT-related goodies in his mustache.
Bail Raised: $2,552
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Name: David Costello
Jailed For: Allegedly cheating at NASBA golf tournaments for 17 years.
Bail Raised: $2,645
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Name: Patricia Hartman
Jailed For: Persuading people that she is queen of a land called “CPAES.”
Bail Raised: $3,740
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Name: Alfonzo Alexander
Jailed For: Trying to steal Walter Davenport’s luxurious mane of hair.
Bail Raised: $6,833
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Name: Ryan Hirsch
Jailed For: Buying Apple stock and bribing StudentCPT chapters to switch to the iPhone.
Bail Raised: $4,842
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Name: Michael Bryant
Jailed For: Attempting to masquerade as a funny and qualified improvisational comedian.
Bail Raised: $2,600
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Name: Thomas Kenny
Jailed For: Hoarding a collection of high-end raffle prizes from NASBA meetings and events.
Bail Raised: $3,225
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 Donation totals are updated daily