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Student News: Thank You: Student Leadership Conference Responses (July/August 2014)

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Ethics Matters

July/August 2014

For those of you who generously donated to the Sponsor a Leader Campaign this year, we want to thank you for investing in the next generation of leadership in our country. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“Everyone’s support has inspired me to excel as an ethical leader on my campus and in my future endeavors. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.”
– Tessa Milner, Loyola University

“I learned what it means to practice ethical leadership and how to apply those skills in real world situations. Thank you for making this possible.”
– Maggie Fincher, Belmont University

“The impact you are making is greater than you know.”
– Thomas Rhodes, University of North Alabama

“Thank you for providing me with a sturdy stepping stone for the future.”
– Katherine Mitchell, Birmingham-Southern College

“My life has been blessed from this experience. I cannot adequately express my gratitude with words.”
– Mitch Williams, University of Utah

“You are making it possible for us to become better ethical leaders and be an example to others.”
– Kira Antoine, Rutgers University

“I found it to be a valuable experience that can be difficult to find on campus.”
– Jack Buechel, University of Missouri, Columbia

“This conference has given me valuable tools to lead me to make ethical decisions on my campus and beyond. Thank you again for this amazing experience.”
– Amy Zeigler, University of Northern Colorado

“I have learned so much about becoming a better leader.”
– Jasmine Wynn, Clark Atlanta University

“I am very optimistic after this conference about the integrity of my peers.”
– Erica Morozin, College of Charleston

“One of the many things I’ve learned is that being an ethical leader means inspiring an ethical mindset from others.”
– Ross Hildabrand, University of Kentucky

“I go forward with a great sense of duty to turn your ‘ROI’ to ‘ROA’!”
– Kris Reddout, University of Utah

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