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Vice President’s Voice (Aug. 2011)

Ethics Matters – August 2011

Vice President’s Voice

I knew our Student Leadership Conference would be a success because going into the event we had so many things in place:  excellent speakers, a well thought-out agenda, a beautiful location, and the brilliant NASBA meetings department as our support. The success of the conference exceeded all of my expectations. Each speaker resonated with the students in a different and meaningful way.  The students bonded with each other and left planning a reunion.

Our strategy was that the students would meet and network with the NASBA Regional Meeting participants. Never did I imagine that both groups would enjoy the encounter so much. We are already having fun working on next year’s Student Leadership Conference.

This issue’s reprint article is from Frank Bucaro’s blog.  Frank Bucaro is a leading authority on helping organizations create values-based, high performance cultures that understand the relationship between ethics and business. Clearly he also understands that if we want to be effective, we need to communicate differently with people in different age groups. And, if you want to manage and motivate  in the modern world, take a look at my book review for Drive by Daniel Pink.

Our new endeavor, The Ethics Network, continues to gain momentum.  But in a world where writing an ethics column is easy because there is always something to write about, that’s no surprise is it,  Mr. Murdoch?

Lisa Axisa

Executive Director, Vice President