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Invest in Ethical Leadership

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Did you know that the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) offers a training program aimed to help you and your peers recognize ethical issues, resolve ethical dilemmas, and create an atmosphere that promotes positive ethical behavior?

Ethical decision-making is one of the most important components of sustainable business success. The CPT’s Ethical Leadership Training is designed to strengthen your team’s understanding of ethical leadership and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

The CPT’s mission is to develop, empower and promote ethical leaders. When your team invests in the Ethical Leadership Training program, your organization’s culture, leadership and strategies surrounding ethics will be strengthened.

Who in your organization should Invest in Ethical Leadership Training?

Employees at every level and in every industry, and individuals seeking to enhance their ethical decision-making skills, will find that the program will empower them to recognize and resolve ethical situations with confidence. Individuals who complete the training also receive their certification in ethical leadership training by the CPT.

Learn more about the Ethical Leadership Training program on our website,, under the Certification Programs tab, or email Sharrona Reaves, Director of Programs and Development, at, to discuss how the CPT can customize your team’s training needs.

-Sharrona Reaves, Director of Programs and Development