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Cuffed for a Cause

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The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT), is excited to serve as host to the “Cuffed for a Cause” themed annual fundraiser. The event will be held during NASBA’s 116th Annual Meeting on Monday, October 30, in New York, NY.  The CPT will be revisiting a popular and successful fundraiser originally held in 2014, where over $32,000 was raised in donations to support CPT programming. Not only was the 2014 fundraiser successful in donations, but it was also considered as one of the most memorable fundraisers for the CPT.

As part of this year’s event, 10 of NASBA’s most ethical leaders will be handcuffed and taken into “custody” for silly ethical violations. These violations range from putting decaf coffee in all NASBA break room coffee pots to replacing all the candy at the NASBA Halloween party with fruits and vegetables. The donation goal each ethical violator must reach to be set free by the CPT is $2,000. Ethical violators will be kept in “custody” and remain handcuffed inside of “The CPT Jail” until their donation amounts are reached. As donations come in, onlookers will see how close each violator is to reaching $2,000 and being set free by the CPT, on a big screen TV that will update donations in real time.

By supporting the CPT’s Cuffed for a Cause Campaign, you are supporting the development of ethical leaders. The CPT provides forums for ethics education, affirms and encourages what is ethical, showcases best practices and promotes a positive perspective in the workplace.

With 54 active collegiate chapters, the Student Center for the Public Trust’s (StudentCPT) chapter program spans across the United States, the Virgin Islands and Guam, providing interactive programming to thousands of college students. In addition to impacting college students, the CPT provides virtual and in-person training on ethical leadership for hundreds of professionals each year.

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-Sharrona Reaves, Director of Programs and Development