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CPT HBCU Initiative

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Ethics Matters

Q2 2023

On May 17, Tennessee State University (TSU) Accounting and Management classes hosted CPT President Alfonzo Alexander and CPT Consultant Sedrik Newbern to further discuss NASBA’s Student Center for the Public Trust (StudentCPT) as part of the CPT’s HBCU Initiative, which aims to launch student chapters on the campus of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

Alexander and Newbern expressed the importance of ethics and gave insight into how participation in the StudentCPT can prepare students for ethical dilemmas during their college matriculation and within their professional career. Students engaged in learning the doors that can open for them to network, gain insight into StudentCPT chapter practices and received information on the Ethical Leadership Certification (ELCP), which can be used as a tool for identifying and navigating ethical dilemmas.  

Currently, one TSU class is taking the ELCP as part of their summer course curriculum. StudentCPT will offer the ELCP to all student members who decide to join the organization. Alexander also gifted College of Business Professors Dr. Reynard McMillan and Dr. Natasha Johnson with 10 redeemable ELCP codes as they committed to becoming TSU StudentCPT advisors. A student who had the privilege of attending the annual 2022 StudentCPT  Leadership Conference (SLC) was in attendance and shared with fellow students how amazing of an experience he had, how it benefited him going into the next school year, and his determination to spread the word about being a part of something greater. 

In addition to the collaboration with TSU, Alexander and Newbern are also working on securing Howard University and a handful of other HBCUs to begin forming StudentCPT chapters in the coming fall semester. For more information on the StudentCPT or the Ethical Leadership Certification Program, visit or email Student Programs Manager Jasmine Jenkins at [email protected].