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Know the Benefits of ELCP

The benefits of joining a StudentCPT Chapter include:

  • Enhanced growth and marketability – Students will be able to grow their knowledge of ethical leadership principles and use this knowledge as a platform to communicate this interest to potential employers.
  • Immediate application of Learning – Students will engage in training sessions with speakers, who will help them better understand how to uphold their values on campus and in the workplace.
  • Increased Opportunities – Students will have opportunities to interact with ethical leaders and enhance their strategic networking skills.
  • Leading Leaders – Students will have the opportunity to interact with other student leaders from across the country and work collaboratively to enhance each other’s learning experiences.
  • Financial Growth – Students will be able to generate funds for themselves or their chapters through ethics competitions.

The purpose of the StudentCPT is to:

  • Provide educational meetings and activities to enhance students’ understanding of business ethics.
  • Help students understand how to apply ethical business practices and leadership principles to their lives.
  • Provide students with resources to host events that support their development as ethical leaders.
  • Connect students with business professionals and other student leaders.
  • Promote ethical leadership on college campuses.

Find Your Chapter Online & Join Now

Have questions? Contact Student Programs Manager Jasmine Jenkins at [email protected].

-Jasmine Jenkins, Student Programs Manager