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StudentCPT 2023 Goals

NASBA Student Center for the Public Trust (StudentCPT) chapters are classified into three different levels: Developing Chapters, Star Chapters and Golden Star Chapters. Our goal is for all chapters to eventually reach the Golden Star Chapter status. The minimum expectations for each chapter level can be found here.

Spring Semester

The CPT provides a sample calendar that should be used as a planning tool to assist your chapter in having an effective year. Modification of the calendar to align with your university calendar is recommended.

Suggested Program Calendar

Meet with National Office Representative

The CPT National Office has staff available to answer questions, discuss ideas and provide support for student chapter planning and activities. The CPT staff is also available to travel and speak at student conferences and chapter meetings. CPT staff can be reached by email at [email protected].

Chapter Meeting x2

Student chapter objectives include providing programs that help students develop ethical business practices and engage in ethical leadership, host meaningful meetings and activities to help students better understand the business and professional world, be a resource for campus and community projects in the way of ethical business practices and ethical leadership, establish contacts with professionals, business executives and managers, and promote local awareness of the StudentCPT chapter, its activities and members.

Virtual StudentCPT Chapter Meeting and Engagement Ideas

Complete Activity & End of Semester Reports 

StudentCPT chapters are expected to conduct multiple activities throughout the year. These activities should be designed to support and promote the principles of ethical leadership. To keep record of all activities, activity and end of semester reports must be submitted to the appropriate link below.

StudentCPT Chapter Performance Tracker/ Activity Report

StudentCPT Spring End of Semester Report

Submit Ethics in Action Video

The CPT is focused on helping individuals identify and respond to ethical dilemmas in their careers. To support this goal, we challenge students to create videos that demonstrate the types of challenging ethical dilemmas people could face in their careers.

Videos can end with a thought-provoking question that challenges viewers to think about the best solution –OR– videos can showcase the most appropriate solution to an ethical dilemma.

The 2023 Ethics in Action Video Competition is open from September 16, 2022 – March 27, 2023. Upload your video to YouTube and paste your video link into the official online entry form.

About the Competition

Nominate & Present Campus BADA

The StudentCPT provides an interactive environment where ethical business behaviors and ideas can flourish on college campuses.

Each school year, the StudentCPT will honor one student and one faculty member on each chapter’s campus who positively impact the school by displaying strong, ethical leadership.

A Campus Being a Difference Award recipient does not simply aspire to make a difference – they are Being a Difference on their campus and in other endeavors by embodying the very best in ethical behavior, integrity and leadership.

Campus Being a Difference Award Program

Submit Leaders for SLC

Each summer, leaders from across the country come together for the StudentCPT Leadership Conference (SLC). Chapter leaders are invited to hear from nationally recognized speakers focusing on topics like accountability, strengths-based leadership, emotional intelligence and more! Through keynote presentations, group projects and roundtable discussions, students develop critical leadership skills that allow them to be better leaders on campus and in the workplace.

Partial and full conference scholarships are available to our members. This conference is made possible because of our generous donors and sponsors. If you are interested in attending next year’s conference, please reach out to your StudentCPT chapter advisor or email [email protected].

About the Leadership Conference

Annual Officer Elections

Each chapter should elect officers once per year. Although new chapters may elect officers during the fall semester, we encourage existing chapters to conduct elections during the spring semester. Chapters should also allow at least one month of transition time after the election, so current officers can help teach incoming officers more about their roles and responsibilities.

22-23 StudentCPT Chapter Manual

-Jasmine Jenkins, Student Programs Manager