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Ethics Matters

November/December 2022

Star Chapter Status Expectations

A Star Chapter meets the following criteria:

  • Elects officers annually
  • Has a minimum of five (5) student members
  • Conducts at least four (4) membership meetings and/or activities annually
  • Has chapter members participate in at least one (1) community service activity annually
  • Submits Chapter Information Form, Executive Council Roster and Annual Report annually
  • Communicates chapter updates to the CPT national office monthly (including photos and/or videos)
  • Assists the CPT national office in promoting the Ethics in Action Video Competition
  • Sends two (2) students to the StudentCPT Leadership Conference annually

Golden Star Chapter Status Expectations

A Golden Star Chapter must meet the Star Chapter criteria plus the following:

  • Conducts at least one (1) additional membership meeting and/or activity annually
  • Hosts or co-hosts a community service project
  • Presents a Campus Being a Difference Award for a deserving student and/or faculty member annually
  • Participates in the Ethics in Action Video Competition or outside ethics competition annually