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30% of the United States is using the Ethical Leadership Training Program

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Ethics Matters

November/December 2022

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) is excited to welcome Louisiana to its Ethical Leadership Training Program. With this addition, the CPT training program is successfully being used as a remediation tool by 15 State Boards of Accountancy as part of each of their settlement agreements with practitioners who have violated their state’s expectations. All states using the Ethical Leadership program realize ethical behavior is critical but can be difficult without the proper education and information. The states that are participating the CPT’s Ethical Leadership Training Program show that they have commitment to ethical leadership in their state.

The Ethical Leadership Training Program is designed to help practitioners recognize ethical issues, resolve ethical dilemmas, and create an atmosphere that promotes positive ethical behavior in their state.

Research & Behavioral Change Based Content

The CPT has conducted research about the best methods for optimizing engagement during online training programs, and have combined these elements into a training that is informative, insightful and engaging. The behavior change focused content that is covered in each training module is grounded in research and case studies from past successes and failures of businesses.

States are using the CPT’s 3-module program because it gives practitioners in their state the tools and resources to make ethical decisions in the future because:

  • This program shows the value of ethical leadership at personal and organizational levels
  • It illustrates the impact of an ethical culture on the behavior of stakeholders at all levels
  • This course also helps practitioners recognize opportunities to improve the ethical environment in which they operate

Participating Boards of Accountancy benefit from the Ethical Leadership Training Program by:

  • Having an auditable course included in settlements
  • Passing reasonable course costs along to the professional
  • Easy enrollment, completed by the professional
  • 24/7 technical support

To learn more about the training components, to schedule a demo of the Ethical Leadership Training,
or ways to leverage the program in your state, contact to schedule an appointment.