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Why Certifications Can Help Your Career

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) exists to provide a platform for corporate America and the accounting profession to explore, promote and advance ethical practices in organizations. But how can our and other certifications help your career? In many, many ways. From the Ethical Leadership Certification Program to the Lead with Integrity program, you can get ahead in your career in so many ways with the help of certification.

The CPT training program is designed to help you and your peers recognize ethical issues, resolve ethical dilemmas and create an atmosphere that promotes positive ethical behavior and sustained success throughout your career. From speakers to role-play scenarios, to themed meetings and everything in between, chapter members learn how to be ethical leaders while having fun!

A CPT flagship program, the Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP), was designed to help students identify ethical issues and learn how to respond to them. The program is broken up into six, one-hour modules featuring flying text, What Would You Do polls, real life scenarios, and interviews with ethics experts. Plus, the ELCP listed on your resume helps you to stand out from other applicants for internships and jobs because of the notoriety our training has in the accounting industry. Then, you have the Lead with Integrity (LWI) program. A free, virtual leadership series that offers students the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized speakers and leaders. Topics covered include dangers of goal setting, equality and equity, accountability, networking, the story of a whistleblower, and more!

So, who should be investing in ethical leadership? That’s easy! Sign up for a certification program if you are an employee, seeking to enhance your ethical decision-making skills, looking to positively influence others or if you are looking to boost your resume! All these reasons for certification can help you stand-out in the workplace.

Many schools have sponsorship funds set aside for ethics-related programming, so check with your school about potential scholarships. There are StudentCPT chapters located throughout the United States, and on the campuses of the University of the Virgin Islands and the University of Guam. Click here see if there is a StudentCPT chapter on your campus. If not, complete the chapter interest form

-Dina Barabash, NASBA Content Development & Web Specialist