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Lead with Integrity: Serving With Optimism in 2021

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Ethics Matters

October 2020

As we conclude this year, I am reflecting on this unusual “experience” we call 2020, and I am optimistically visualizing 2021. Yesterday, a friend told me a story of a woman sharing her goals for 2020. Unfortunately, the woman was not able to reach any of them because of the impact of the global pandemic. Amazingly, this woman was able to make light of it and be optimistic about next year. It was refreshing to hear the story because I am choosing the same approach for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021.

I encourage you to join me and this unknown woman as we look to live and lead with confidence and in expectation. I plan to focus on a few growth areas to help me achieve my goals for 2021. These items are not my goals, but they are critical to me achieving them. Here is my list: 1) Grow my relationships with key people in my life, 2) Model the behavior I desire from others, 3) Celebrate the success of others around me, 4) Acknowledge when things are done right (ethically), and 5) Inspire others.

As you can see, in 2021, my path to attaining my goals is through serving others. I firmly believe helping the people I am tasked with leading to achieve success will help me accomplish my goals. I also believe that as I encourage others to win, wisdom for my journey will come my way. This concept of paying it forward has led to success for me and many other leaders. In 2021, I will make it a priority to serve others before self. I look forward to seeing others grow and to seeing how it impacts me, too. Earlier, I encouraged you to join me in this journey. Now, I challenge you to come with me and enter 2021 with confidence and a willingness to serve others. It is a great opportunity we have as leaders.

Happy Holidays. Thank you for your continued support. Lead with Integrity!