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The Lasting Impact of the Coronavirus

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Ethics Matters

Q2 2020

The last several months have been challenging for everyone. From education to employment, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our daily lives that go far beyond just how we interact with each other.

In times like these, ethics can be a concern. It has been so encouraging to witness so many businesses step up to support their employees, the communities they serve, and those impacted by this pandemic. We have seen measures implemented immediately to try and prevent individuals and businesses from taking advantage of the fears that have come with this pandemic. Also, we have seen businesses and individuals commit to provide funding to fill the income gap for hourly and tip workers impacted.

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) has had to adjust how we engage with colleges and our StudentCPT chapters. Within the past month, we have seen increased interest in our Ethical Leadership Training Program from various professionals considering activities for employees working from home. We have also encountered cancelled conferences and speaking engagements with students and professionals around the country. All of this while balancing different working arrangements ourselves.

Nonetheless, the pandemic has had positive outcomes when we go beyond our own inconveniences. Businesses and universities have now tested their continuity planning and made adjustments, as needed, to ensure minimal bearing on customers. Technology like Zoom Meetings has been proven to be an effective means to conduct meetings, lead presentations and host online learning, even for elementary school children.

The lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic is likely to continue for months and even years to come. As many of us adjust to our new normal, the CPT encourages you to explore new ways of doing business and building them into your strategies moving forward.