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Good News: Lyft Offers Free Rides to Interviewees

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Ethics Matters

Nov/Dec 2019

There are many rideshare programs available nowadays. But, only one of these companies recently announced an initiative to assist job seekers and the recently employed – Lyft. This program is part of Lyft’s pledge to invest $50 million annually or one percent of profits (whichever is greater) to transportation initiatives across
the country.

As part of the company’s Jobs Access Program, Lyft has partnered with several nonprofits to help riders find transportation to and from training programs, job interviews and the first three weeks of employment. The service will be called on behalf of a rider through any one of Lyft’s partnerships, there by discouraging other riders from falsifying demand. The nonprofits currently working with Lyft on this program include The United Way and 211, Generation, Goodwill, The USO, The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, Upwardly Global, National Down Syndrome Society, Year Up and #cut50 (Dream Corps). The CPT commends Lyft for putting the community they serve top of mind.