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Sustainable Leadership: Mission Possible

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Ethics Matters

May/June 2019

The Class of 2019 agents have been selected for the StudentCPT Leadership Conference. Their mission is to develop their decision-making skills, empower others through strong leadership, and promote ethical business practices. See what our agents are all about.

Name: Xhena
University: Temple University
Major: International Business and Marketing
Minor: Spanish

Looking forward to: “Meeting other people in my field who are passionate about ethical and transparent business practices.”

Name: Winston
University: University of Missouri-Columbia
Major: Finance

Looking forward to: “Being able to network with fellow conference attendees and with NASBA Members.”

Name: Jay
University: Southeast Missouri State University
Major: Human Resource Management
Minor: Finance and Entrepreneurship

Looking forward to: “Learning new skills that will help me develop more into a leader. Also, I look forward to networking with other students from different campuses, and I’m excited to learn new leadership qualities that can help grow my chapter.”

Name: Jalimar
University: Rutgers University
Major: Accounting

Looking forward to: “What I am looking forward to is meeting a variety of different people from so many different backgrounds. The diversity within a single organization is extraordinary and I am excited to learn many different things from so many people.”

The Sponsor a Leader campaign provides the necessary funds to support our agents, including student travel, airport transportation, hotel accommodations, meals at the conference, and materials. Help make their #MissionPossible today by visiting or contacting [email protected].