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Students Experience Leadership Magic in Orlando at Annual Leadership Conference (Fall)

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Ethics Matters

Fall 2018

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) hosted its 8th annual StudentCPT Leadership Conference (SLC) in Orlando, FL, June 4-6. Sixty-one energetic student leaders from around the country were invited to participate in an intense, two-day conference focused on ethical leadership and development.

The conference kicked off with keynote speaker, Cynthia Cooper, CEO of The CooperGroup, sharing her personal story of being a whistleblower during the WorldCom fraud case. Next, Ryan Hirsch, Vice President of the CPT, gave an interactive presentation focused on strategic communication. Students were then tasked to put their communication skills to the test and construct towers made of newspaper and office items, some stretching seven feet tall!

Dr. William Latham, Chief Student Development and Success Officer at the University of the District of Columbia, had students examine their strengths and learn how they can best use them as it relates to leadership. Also, Ashley Metivier, Business Development Specialist, and Sydney Shearer, NASBA ALL Manager, shared tips and tricks on how chapters can achieve Golden Star Chapter status.

On the final day, students gave presentations, giving counsel and advice to executives in a series of ethics cases. Alfonzo Alexander, CPT President, concluded the conference with a session titled “Next Level Leadership,” which allowed students to analyze where they currently are in their leadership journey and assess where they aspire to be.

The CPT is thankful for the generous sponsors who made this conference possible! The CPT staff looks forward to working closely with these phenomenal student leaders during the upcoming school year.