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Good News: Burger King Franchisee Gives $120K to Employees (May/June)

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Ethics Matters

May/June 2015

When Tom Barnett was selected as Burger King’s Franchisee of the Year, he received a Corvette and a Rolex watch. As the owner of Barnett Management Company, he owns 24 Burger King locations in Arizona.

After receiving the car, several employees joked that they looked forward to taking a spin in his Corvette. Barnett did not grant their requests. He did something better.

He sold the car and the watch. Then, Barnett and the other members of his ownership group gave $120K in bonuses to more than 100 employees. These bonuses allowed some employees to pay off medical bills, car loans and school expenses for their children.

By choosing to recognize and compensate his employees, Mr. Barnett demonstrated he values his team and appreciates their contributions.

The NASBA Center for Public Trust (CPT) commends Tom Barnett and his ownership group for truly being a difference to others.

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