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A Resolution with Results (Jan/Feb 2015)

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Ethics Matters

January/February 2015

Two words come to mind for this time of year: reflection and resolutions.

The holidays let us look back and be reminded of our true values. The New Year brings an opportunity to make commitments to invest in them.

Reflecting on 2014, our values at the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) have never been clearer: we believe ethical leadership is the bedrock of every fair and productive community. Our resolution for 2015 is simple: to further promote the ethical leaders of today and tomorrow. Too often, reflection and resolutions fail to bring to mind another word, results. Lasting change, it seems, is easier said than done…

But there’s at least one resolution you can make this year that’s guaranteed to bear fruit: if you share our values, join us in investing in them.

2014 was our most prolific year yet. Through our publications, workshops, 25 campus chapters, hundreds of Ethical Leadership Certification enrollments, and the largest Student Leadership Conference to date, we were able to support over 4,000 leaders.

2015 is a blank slate, inviting us to write a brand new story. Make a resolution to support the CPT this year. We’ll make it a great one.


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