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How Does the World See You?

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“Every time you communicate, you’re either adding value or taking up space.” – Sally Hogshead

2,400 years ago, Socrates encouraged any who would seek knowledge to first “know thyself”—forever shaping the foundations of psychology and philosophy. We may not live an ancient Greece today, but thanks to newer technology and understandings, it’s likely never been easier to follow his words.

Meyers-Briggs, DISC, and Clifton Strengths Finder are just a few of the more well-known tools we have today for introspection. Through questions about our personal preferences, they help us to understand how we view the world and what it says about our personality.

Author Sally Hogshead suggests taking a different angle.

Her book How the World Sees You, offers a step-by-step process that helps to show how you are most valuable to others.

Drawing on her background in marketing, Sally uses years of scientific research to back up seven communication “advantages.” A complemental online assessment helps plot the top two communication advantages that determine the reader’s personality archetype.

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Here’s where it’s interesting. We took the assessment within our team and many of us felt that our given archetype did not ring true for ourselves. But when we shared our results with a coworker or friend who knows us well, that person would verify the accuracy of it!

In knowing thyself, it seems, sometimes it helps to have an outside opinion…

How the World Sees You also teaches readers how to identify the primary communication advantage of others. In a world where collaborative work and team-based environments are growing daily, that’s a skill effective leaders cannot afford to lack.

I recommend How the World Sees You and the online assessment as an insightful tool for any leader. The assessment is available for purchase on the website or the print edition of the book includes a one-time use code for it. The book itself can appear a bit overwhelming at first with over 400 pages, however the bulk of those pages are in depth descriptions of each of the 49 personality archetypes.

The integrity of a company is directly connected to its leader’s willingness to encourage her team in ethical decision making. Using the tools provided in How the World Sees You will give you an edge in such communication by providing a comprehensive understanding of the different communication styles within your team.

– Lara Loewl
Activities Coordinator, NASBA Center for the Public Trust