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Student News: StudentCPT Chapters Growing in Size and Effectiveness (Sept/Oct 2014)

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Ethics Matters

September/October 2014

The StudentCPT has a simple vision. We are aiming to become the largest network of ethical leaders on college campuses. Each day, we are moving closer toward this goal as we partner with colleges and universities to start new StudentCPT chapters. In addition to the 21 established chapters, eight more schools committed to launch student chapters this academic year.

The CPT National Office is also working to enhance the effectiveness of its student chapters. During our recent Student Leadership Conference, we asked students what types of challenges they were facing, to determine how the CPT could help these chapters sustain their success in the future.

The feedback from the conference led to an updated version of our StudentCPT Chapter Manual. This document has been sent to all chapter officers and advisors. It serves as a guide to ensure students and professors are equipped with the resources necessary to operate successful chapters.

The CPT National Office is also boosting its communication efforts in order to stay in touch with students throughout the year. This enables us to monitor chapter best practices and share useful tips with students in other chapters.

We have already visited several StudentCPT chapters this semester, including the University of Utah and Birmingham Southern. We are thrilled with the enthusiasm of our students, and we are excited to work with them as they continue to grow in their roles as student leaders.

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