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New Blogs on the CPT Website (Sept/Oct 2014)

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Ethics Matters

September/October 2014

CPT Now Providing Weekly Blogs to Help You Lead with Integrity

The CPT operates under the belief that most people want to behave in an ethical manner and do the right things. The challenges exist in the moments when people want to do the right things, but don’t always know how to do them. Holding firm to your values usually sounds simple, until you realize that many people have competing values.

What would you do if your boss informed you that the company will be laying off one of your close friends next month? This friend also has a spouse and three children. If your values consist of loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness, how would you respond?

Imagine if your friend heard rumors about the layoffs and asked you if you know who is being let go. Your boss is trusting that you will be loyal and trustworthy as you possess this confidential information. However, your friend is trusting that you will be loyal and honest about job security.

The CPT blog provides articles that will help you and your peers answer these types of questions. Visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to view this month’s blog series entitled, #ValuesMatter.

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