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Student News: Redefining Success at the College of Charleston (May/June 2014)

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Ethics Matters

May/June 2014

On April 20, members of the StudentCPT chapter at the College of Charleston (Charleston, SC) co-hosted M. W. “Bucky” Glover, partner with the North Carolina-based CPA firm Potter & Company, for a talk titled, “Success or Significance?”

The talk was co-hosted with Beta Alpha Psi, an international honor society for business students. Mr. Glover shared questions and principles students can use in their career paths, challenging them to become a significant leader—one that makes extraordinary impact— as opposed to just striving for success.

“If you are significant, you will be successful,” said Glover, who encouraged students to have a clear vision of who they want to be and what they aim to accomplish in life.

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