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Student News: Challenging Ohio University Students to Influence Their Environment (May/June 2014)

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Ethics Matters

May/June 2014

On April 14, over 100 students hosted by the Ohio University StudentCPT chapter met to hear noted ethics lecturer Jerry Esselstein give a talk titled, “10 Strategies to Enhance Impact & Effectiveness.”

The lecture shared practical insights for students about how they can better add value to their work. “You have to become a student of your industry,” Esselstein shared. “Develop a marketing and product orientation.”

Mr. Esselstein is principal at the business advisory, strategic planning and project management firm Jerry L. Esselstein Company, LLC. He serves on the Accounting Advisory Council for Ohio University and is a former member of the Accountancy Board of Ohio.

He concluded his message with the challenging question: “Are you going to define your environment or will it define you?” “10% of it is what happens to you. 90% of it is how you respond.”

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