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StudentCPT Activities (Mar/Apr 2014)

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Ethics Matters

March/April 2014

Rutgers University StudentCPT Debates Corporate/Social Responsibility

On March 5, the StudentCPT chapter of Rutgers University hosted an engaging debate centered on corporate and social responsibility. The following question was posed for discussion: “What is the purpose and responsibility of corporations?” The discussion was directed toward the effects of globalization on Corporate Social Responsibility.

“The objective of the debate was to challenge the basis from which we made our decisions, while at the same time challenging conventional thinking of ethical and moral issues,” said Anthony Perry, Rutgers StudentCPT Chapter President.

Topics included a case study about shoe manufacturer Nike using sweatshops to make their products. Students were highly engaged throughout the debate and the discussion was an excellent step for the Rutgers StudentCPT Chapter toward creating awareness of the professional impact of decisions. Rutgers StudentCPT plans to host similar events in the future.

CPT Workshops Professional Networking at University of Tennessee

Speaking before the University of Tennessee StudentCPT Chapter on March 10, Ronald Taylor, Student Programs & Development Specialist for the Center for the Public Trust, addressed some of the most practical questions for young professionals and students: How can I help others, ask for help and connect people?

The session began with an opportunity for students to practice networking with well-known painter and UT alumnus Carl Hess, who announced a new internship opportunity. Taylor then shared 10 tips for networking followed by an extended lesson on Monchu Networking, a method which maps how to build connections by strategically spending 20 minutes a day helping others grow professionally, asking for help and making new connections.

Students found this to be very beneficial as many of them will be graduating in one to two years’ time, and needed further information on how to grow their connections once initial contacts have been made.

Congresswoman Grisham Enlightens UNM Students on Ethical Leadership, Challenges in Politics

At a University of New Mexico March 10 StudentCPT chapter meeting, New Mexico Congresswoman Michele Lujan Grisham initiated a spirited discussion on ethics, politics and the risk areas that pervade in Congress.

Ms. Grisham shared insights about the complexities of ethics rules for elected officials and how they govern many aspects of daily interaction with the public. One of the most difficult areas is fundraising for an election campaign every two years, according to Grisham, where millions of dollars are needed to be a viable candidate.

She said there is much due diligence required in tracking the sources of campaign contributions and expectations of donors. For example, all gifts and food, no matter how small, must be recorded.

Congresswoman Grisham is president of the ‘freshman class’ of this term’s Congress and has already built a reputation for collaboration and reaching across party lines to get work done. She shared that she believes the majority of congressional representatives are ethical and want to do what’s best for their constituents.

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