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Respected Nebraska Accountant Receives “Being A Difference” Award

November 18, 2013


The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) bestowed a 2012-13 Being a Difference Award to Robert C. McChesney, CPA, owner/managing partner of McChesney Martin Saghorn, P.C., of North Platte, Neb., on November 14.

From L: Nebraska ED Dan Sweetwood, Robert McChesney, Alfonzo Alexander, NASBA Central Region Director Douglas Skiles

David Costello, CPT founder and board chair, and Alfonzo Alexander, CPT President, presented the award to McChesney during the North Platte Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Corporation’s Annual Meeting & Luncheon.

Over 160 people attended the award ceremony, including representatives of the Nebraska State Board of Public Accountancy and McChesney’s entire firm staff. Dan Mauk, the Chamber President, talked about the impact McChesney had on the community, and how the award presentation drove attendance up compared to a regular chamber meeting.

McChesney, a 40-plus year veteran of the accounting profession and former chair of both the Nebraska Society of CPAs and Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy, came highly recommended for the award due to his strong adherence to ethical principles, unwavering leadership and service to the community.

He is widely recognized within the accounting and legal professions for exposing an out-of-town CPA for exploiting tax laws and administering fraudulent tax schemes within the North Platte community. As a result of McChesney’s efforts, the scheme ended before additional individuals within the community were negatively impacted. Following several years of litigation, a Federal Court convicted the out-of-town CPA of defrauding the United States of over $3 million. The CPA was later revoked of his CPA license and sentenced to a federal prison.

A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, McChesney was awarded the Nebraska Society’s 2010 Distinguished Service to the Profession Award. He is currently serving his second term on the Society’s Foundation Board of Trustees.

“McChesney’s ethical character and decision-making ability is a shining testament of one who values the importance of maintaining a strong ethical foundation, regardless of the situation or risk factors at hand,” said Dan Sweetwood, Executive Director of the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy.

The CPT is proud to honor the humble and reserved Robert C. McChesney with the Being a Difference Award. He is thought of as a true hometown hero, and treated Costello and Alexander with overwhelming care and respect during their stay in Nebraska. Be sure to read more about this year’s Being a Difference Award honorees in future editions of Ethics Matters.